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Now, in times of full-scale invasion, our citizens want confidence and stability more than ever. The legal system, if it is functioning properly, is probably the only one that can give a person a sense of support today. We discuss these issues with the director of Kyiv Expert Research Centre, a specialist in the field of pre-trial and forensic examination, Galyna Rylchuk.

– Mrs. Galyna, it is a pleasure to meet you on the pages of our magazine and discuss topical issues. One of them is the issue of returning to Ukraine of people who left with the beginning of the full-scale invasion. There are theses being discussed that after the Victory, many Ukrainians will want to stay in Europe because of the most advanced legal system compared to Ukraine. Do you agree with this?
– The majority of Ukrainians who left the country with their children will stay in Europe. Children quickly adapt, learn the language and find friends. Of course, the legal system differs between European countries, but unfortunately, the whole world is watching our actions and processes in our legal system. I am confident that we can change everything for the better in Ukraine. We are a strong and hard-working nation; we just need to get rid of even the idea of bribery at all levels of government.
– You are an expert in the field of pre-trial and forensic examination. How does this area contribute to improving the situation in the legal sector?
– Forensic expert activity is based on the principles of the rule of law, scientific validity and independence of a forensic expert. The results of forensic examinations are often of key importance in the verdicts of Ukrainian (and not only Ukrainian) courts. Justice very often depends on the thoroughness of the work of forensic experts, so we can say that the entire judicial system is impossible without forensic examinations.
– How did your path to your specialty develop?
– My journey began 14 years ago, with a small dream of a village girl: to find a way to help people in difficult situations. Before that, I had only heard the words «forensic experts» in TV shows and movies, which I admired. And so it happened in my life that my dreams, thoughts and hard work became a reality and in 2012, I opened Kyiv Expert Research Centre, which is successfully operating now. Today, I cannot imagine my life without my favorite business and the opportunity to help people.
– Please tell us what types of expertise you conduct most often.
– As of today, the most frequent are construction and technical, commodity and economic examinations. Thanks to these types of examinations, we help our clients to determine, among other things, the actual damage caused by the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.
– The law does not allow us to be guided by emotions. Do you have any hobbies or interests that allow you to maintain the emotional side of your personality?
– Everyone always has emotions, the main thing is to be able to cope with them. I learned to control my emotions thanks to a book I read many times. This book taught me how to listen and hear!
– What is your life credo? What are your dreams?
– My life credo is to never give up, to always be a Human in everything and to always remember that we are the creators of our own happiness! And do not forget that everything is in our hands. As for my dream, it is in tune with the dream of all Ukrainians. My dream is our Victory and returning home!


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