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What is the origin of stress? How does it go from the mental level to the physiological level? Why should the nervous system not be soothed, but «fed»? And what is the connection between the work of the gastrointestinal tract and our mood?
Olena RUZANOVA, a certified nutritionist, dietician, diagnostician of body systems, partner of «Nature’s Sunshine» company, and partner of the Charity Foundation «Health», told us about this.

– Olena, tell us, how does stress affect our body condition? Why do people suddenly lose appetite, sleep or weight during severe shocks?
– Stress works as excessive external pressure. I like this comparison: when you squeeze one hand with the other, the hand that squeezes is stress itself, because of it all the parts of a body freeze and tighten. Actually, stress is the shock itself. There are two types of the stress: eustress, which inspires, charges and stimulates the person to solve the current problem, and distress, when a person is passive, depressed, have no vitality, does not want to do anything etc. The body cannot manage the distress, when it greatly exceeds the body’s defenses. Then the stress from the mental level passes to the physiological level. In this case, we are talking, for example, about the loss of weight, sleep, and strength. Stress «eats» the most important — vitamins, minerals, as well as muscle mass.
In this case, an urgent «Antistress» program is needed. I use it here, in England too. I drink double, or triple doses of vitamins and minerals, and medicinal herbs to support the nervous system. Everyone has their own doses, I determine them only after diagnosis, on case-by-case basis.
Our body is a single-integrated system. Unlike the robots, we cannot take out, for example, a heart, heal it and insert it back. But we can control the «fuel» — our food and thoughts. For example, the so-called gray-white-green diet is useful for up to two weeks. This excludes the use of synthetic sugar, white flour, and semi-finished products. We have to consume the food after heat treatment only. It also involves the ingestion of the complete protein for breakfast (cheese, eggs). However, in order for the protein to be absorbed, you need dietary fiber, preferably lightly processed, steamed and stewed vegetables. This is because the body spends less enzymes, which are necessary for the digestion. In general, of course, full nutrition is practically a guarantee of health both at physiological and psycho-emotional levels. But there is an important clarification: the food must be biologically available, and natural.
– In a troubled time in Ukraine, a large number of our fellow Ukrainians are thinking how to calm down, and how to organize the nervous system. Are there any general guidelines for how to do it these days?
– The nervous system should not be soothed, but «fed». First of all, you need to take magnesium and vitamin C, which are constantly consumed, and also, due to their natural properties, they not accumulated in the body. The less magnesium there is in the cells of body tissues and various organs (remember the association with the squeezing hand?). According to my observations, many patients experience a complete «collapse of systems» due to a constant lack of magnesium: the lymph suffers, the heart has difficulty in pumping stress blood through constricted vessels, eyelashes may twitch, frequent outbursts of anger at someone, it is difficult for the patient to fall asleep and wake up. With constant, not periodic use of magnesium, the psycho-emotional condition improves, and people begin to look at the world realistically. In fact, we increase resistance to stress and reduce the burden on the body. The stress also increases the sleep hunger. I recommend various herbs to my patients to restore sleep and stabilize a person’s psychological state during the day. Schemes are assigned only individually. In particular, it is taken into account whether the patient drives a car, because herbs can affect the speed of thinking, age, gender, lifestyle, physical activity, chronic diseases and many other things.
When we «feed» the nervous system, the attitude towards the world changes involuntarily. We react calmly, adequate thoughts appear related to various decision-making options. A frequent cause of stress is biased assessment of situations. I am sure that God created everyone happy, talented, and healthy. For example, scientists found out that each person is born with inclinations to 3-4 spheres of activity. Not all people live their lives, realizing at least one of them. Therefore, the origin of stress and dissatisfaction can be even in the fact that a person is dissatisfied with life and, for any reason, did not realize where he always wanted.
– Olena, at the present moment a huge number of Ukrainians are leaving their native lands. How to «adjust» the body for a new country? How not to give into stress and disorder, not to get sick?
– Any moving is always stressful. And that’s why it’s important to remember the property of our psyche: when we kick around any thought for a long time, it turns from thought forms into action. Therefore, you need to be careful with your thoughts, and not to let «junk» information into your mind. The same magnesium, lecithin, omega-3, vitamins and trace elements, a complex with valerian will help to do so — only shocking, therapeutic doses are needed. It has already been proven that our immunity and mood are created by the flora of the gastrointestinal tract.
There are only two states in nature: decay and combustion. If the food is not converted into energy, it will decay.. Our body has a wonderful regulator – temperature. When we are sick, it is normal for the heat to burn the disease. When the temperature on the thermometer is 38.6 °C, which is the perfect temperature for recovery, you need to take your time with antipyretics, but give the body the opportunity to learn the virus, develop a reaction to it, remember it, and the body will have immunity. For example, a perennial subfebrile temperature of 37.2 °C is more dangerous. This means that the body is too weak and cannot produce a high enough temperature to burn everything harmful, because it does not have the strength to do so.
– Please share your life hacks: how to find products that are suitable for us abroad?
– The principles are the same as in Ukraine: to ensure that the product is natural. The more complex the dish, the more preservatives in the product, the more difficult it is to digest. And this depletes our supply of enzymes, which depend on the duration and quality of life. When a person without pathologies dies, say at the age of over 85, it means that the last enzyme has run out in his body. We cannot stock up on enzymes in advance, but we can only «grow» them in ourselves. Summer vegetables and fruits will not remain with us until winter in the form of vitamins in the blood, this is a fact. Therefore, in the conditions of another country and a new environment, where there is also stress, we can manage at least our food. We choose simple foods, greens, high-quality protein (meat, fish, cheese, eggs, legumes, seafood), a little fruit, a lot of vegetables, and gradual introduction of new dishes. The simpler your diet, the better for your health. The people should adhere to the drinking regime, do not change it too sharply, so as not to overload the kidneys: 2/3 of the total volume — before lunch, and only 1/3 — after, stop drinking 2 hours before bedtime.
– Olena, what about medicines in case of illness: how to select them correctly in a foreign country?
– I am not a supporter of taking meds at the early stages. I am not a fan of drugs at all, especially synthetic ones. It is necessary to give the body an opportunity to develop immunity. I advise you to immediately drink medicinal herbs in case of illness. Nobody has invented anything better than Nature, and never will.People should gargle often, as 95% of viruses originate in the nasopharynx. But everyone has their own individual set, level of immunity, and possible autoimmune diseases. Therefore, it is difficult to give general recommendations. However, Pau D’Arco, colloidal silver, zinc, vitamin C, complex of minerals and vitamins will ideally help each person — only large therapeutic doses.
When a person is sick, his body devotes all its strength and vitamins to the work of the heart, brain, and gastrointestinal tract — only after that — to the removal of decay products. Therefore, it is necessary to go through cleansing programs from time to time in order to remove the remnants of drugs, preservatives, and everything that clogs the body. But this can be done only when a person has a lot of strength and is healthy for at least a month.
– Tell us, please, what kind of medical «first aid» should be taken with you on the road, in order to cope with stress more easily?
– First of all, I want to warn you: even with an ideal plan, when everything is calculated and considered many times, everything will still not work out at 100%. That’s why I do this: a week before the trip, I drink increased doses of magnesium, vitamins, and Pau D’Arco. I put herbs, dietary fiber, a lot of magnesium, lecithin, a complex with valerian in the travel first aid kit. All this is necessary in order for the body to have the resources to perceive more calmly everything around, any chaos. We do not live in an ideal world, but health and condition are only in our hands.
I have been working with Nature’s Sunshine for many years. Only 100% natural herbs, an excellent scientific background that is constantly updated, and millions of happy stories of recovery. Thanks to the forces of Nature and scientific progress and, of course, the perseverance of nutritionists. I love my work with all my heart, and I am very glad that I am successfully helping people restore their health. The highest reward for me is the happy eyes of a healthy person.

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