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Ukrainian women are invincible. Despite all the trials of fate, they continue to fight for the right to live and help the defenders. Today we are talking to Olena Ivanova, a professional singer, guitar, and pop vocal teacher who lives in Belgium and does her best to keep the Ukrainian nation free. Together with her colleagues, she continues to popularize our culture. Dear friends, this is a rather short conversation with a poem that has been imprinted forever in our hearts…

Dislike the war! Because the children have grown old…
And lost their childhood forever.
But, thank God, they managed to survive
In this bloody and shameful war.
Not all of them… Fate and faith has saved some,
But in their memory forever lives the sound of sirens
And the howling of many who lost beloved ones…
And therefore they hate the bloody EXECUTIONERS.
Infinite longing for the happy past,
the peaceful, carefree flow of lazy crazy days.
We have not forgotten our homeland,
Although we scattered around the world.
Someone at home, someone else growing up somewhere,
Like flowers bloom to the sun through asphalt – from scratch…
And every day we will pray from now on,
So that babies may smile in PEACE,
And our enemies lay down the weapons
And away they go, like melting snow,
May God free all hearts from pain,
Give us peace and silence, silence all around!
Life is no chess game, no move can be reversed.
And there is hope – for evil will disappear.
It stings like a wound in my chest, because never again,
Never, it will never be the same again.
The power of silent ancient souls has awakened!
Such a great sacrifice!!! Not for nothing!
Ukraine will be reborn, getting stronger and stronger –
My growing faith is like a rock in my breast breaking free!

Instagram: lenka_uragan;
YouTube: Lena Ivanova-Singer;
Facebook: Lena Ivanova (Чернігів)

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